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Rubber Hex Dumbbells 37.5kg Pair

Rubber Hex Dumbbells 37.5kg Pair

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Contoured Moulded Rubber Hex Dumbbells

WATCH OUT!! now I'm not even sure why these are even listed in the 'home fitness' section of our site, because you're taking things to another level if you're throwing these babies around. on, as the same fundamental quality and durability applies like the rest of our dumbbells!

Other dumbbells may look the same, but you will not find any manufactured to the same standards, that are built to last. We are commercial gym equipment specialists, and that's the standard you're getting no matter where you're shopping from.

Comfort Contoured Grip designed to suit all hand sizes and minimise unnecessary torque on the human wrist

Durable Moulded Rubber which won't complain or whine if dropped here and there


Overall Weight: 75kg

Dimensions: xxxcm (D)  xxxcm (W)

Colour: Black & Silver

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