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Iron Core

Colour Olympic Bumper Weight Plate 10kg

Colour Olympic Bumper Weight Plate 10kg

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When it comes to Olympic lifts, there is no alternative to Bumper Weight Plates. Whether it be deadlifts, snatch, clean and jerk or any other ground-based lifts, this is where it’s at!

Bumpers provide a consistency in form when training for ground-based lifting exercises through the provision of a consistent 22.5cm starting height for the bar regardless of weight. This also ensures fairness for athletes in competition lifting.

At home or in your commercial facility the lifespan of your plates is also extended with bumpers through the spread of impact across the plates, as most ground-based lifting exercises result in a dropping of the weights, at varying velocity.



  • Olympic Barbell Standard 51mm Slot Ensuring Tight Fit
  • Competition (IWF) Standard 45cm Diameter Plates
  • Manufactured for Low Bounce
  • High Durability


Weight: 10kg

Diameter: 45cm

Width: XXcm

Colour: Green


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