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IC-9000 Commercial Self Generating Curved Treadmill

IC-9000 Commercial Self Generating Curved Treadmill

$3,999.00 $4,999.00

This is a new concept green treadmill which adopts an elastic rubber arc running deck, crawler running belt lamination technology. Using gravity to start, accelerate and decelerate and controlling the speed freely, the product overcomes the impact to the knee due to the failure of footsteps to keep up with the running belt in passive running, radically puts an end to the traditional electric "passive" running way and realizes "active" running in the real sense. The arc running surface, crawler elastic rubber running belt and active running design reduces the impact during movement and effectively protects the runner's knees, while the bearing drive system reduces movement wear and lowers the maintenance costs.
The treadmill displays the time, distance, movement speed, calories.
1) Max Load: 230KG
2) NW/GW: 165KG/220KG
3) Running Area: 1500x430mm
4) Overall Size: 1700*880*700mm

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