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IC-MC00 Commercial Mountain Climber / Ladder Climber

IC-MC00 Commercial Mountain Climber / Ladder Climber


Our mountain climber provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning. Unlike most cardio machines, this mountain climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion to provide a superior cardio workout for both the upper and lower body.

With its innovative design, incorporating ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill, the self-paced mechanism means the faster you go, the faster it goes. Perfect for all types of strength and conditioning programs.

Constructed with welded tubular steel framing, encased in a sleekly finished ABS/Polyethylene housing, completed with steel tube Polyurethane sleeve rungs. All with the convenience of 220v power requirement (110v available upon request).


Our Climber Is Ideal For:

Athletic Training

Aerobic Workouts


Military Training


Overall Machine Weight: 650kg

Dimensions: 198cm (L)  110cm (W)  200cm (H)

Colour: Black

*colours can/do vary based on manufacturing changes

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