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IC-7004 Commercial Air Rower

IC-7004 Commercial Air Rower

$1,699.00 $1,999.00

1. Panel: LCD (blue backlight) display;Simulation shows the graph and sports training mode of the state of the graph

2. Display features: The user program, resistance levels, exercise strength, time / 500 M, watt, running time, the speed per minute, meters (distance), calories


4. Model: 4 sets The user mode Settings in advance, 4 sets User's personal data saving mode, 3 sets heart rate control model

5. Heart rate test: Through the POLAR heart rate control with the heart rate test, heart rate recovery procedures, computer control heart rate model

6. Resistance system: 16 period of electromagnetic control resistance system

7. Slippery course: full aluminum slippery course

8. The pedal: by the special design, cooperation with boat movement and suitable for different size foot, avoid loose in training and  sports injury

9. Personalization: save space because of folding design when not in using, and convenient clean

Adjustable outlet, adjust the wind as the users’ requirement

According with frame and tie bar design of ergonomic

10. The flywheel wind resistance design simulation of the practical boating resistance, the feeling in the wild boating for users

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