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IC-1010HG Home Gym Station 80kg Weight Stack

IC-1010HG Home Gym Station 80kg Weight Stack

$1,399.00 $2,499.00


  • 180-degree Adjustable Cable Arms
  • "Double-Up" feature doubles bench press to 160KG
  • Easy to use
  • *Unique Double-Up Feature: increases the resistance to a 1:2 ratio, providing up to  160KG of resistance on Press Arm.
  • Adjustable Arms Cable Station: with 11 position adjustments, allows for a very wide array of exercises including Functional Training, Sports Specific, Core Training and (cable) Dumbbell Training
  • Low Pulley Station: For low rows, and provides for Abductor and Adductor Leg Kicks, Arm Curls, Upright Rows, etc
  • High Pulley Station for Lat Pull Downs, and Triceps Push Downs
  • Leg Extension and Curl Station: provides Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl
  • Fully Adjustable Seat: to fit any size user. The seat is easily adjusted while sitting. Simply squeeze the remote handle conveniently placed under the seat and the spring-assisted seat easily moves to your desired height

2.5MM Thick Steel


Overall Machine Weight: 200kg

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